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Screen Time vs Face Time

What Has the Highest Marketing Value?

With the strict social distancing guidelines and sheltering in place that 2020 has afforded us, those of us in the marketing business have had to get very creative with our outreach and customer service. Now more than ever, we’ve utilized email blasts, social media, “live” videos, and webinars to reach clients. Maybe you’re even wondering if we’ll ever get those customers back in our stores, and if we do, is it even worth it? After all, we’ve survived this year with online ordering and delivery and curbside service. Is it really worth all the time, energy, and effort that goes into drawing customers inside our retail stores? The answer is an absolute “YES!” and here’s why: live marketing allows you to do some things that even the best digital marketing cannot do. Here are 5 compelling reasons why face-to-face marketing in retail will always be best:

  1. People are relational. We want to be around other people (yes, even the best introverts crave company sometime!) and we know this, too. We want to interact with other people and with products in stores. Otherwise, we’d sit at home and source everything from there.
  2. People are predictable. Once we are inside a store, we do more than just grab the ONE THING we went in for. This is not Amazon. We don’t throw it in our cart and check out. We SHOP. Plus, even if we just went in for one thing, we still shop for the best brand, price, flavor, scent, etc. of that one thing.
  3. People always want more. This works in the favor of retail because people are always looking for more and better. Getting people inside the store and browsing is the best way for retailers to introduce new products and catch the attention of shoppers. And for smaller or newer businesses that don’t have the resources to create a huge online presence, this is a huge bonus. Inside a store, companies can set themselves apart from the flat sameness of the online world.
  4. People are competitive. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re focused on your products and services. But let’s be honest, having your products on the shelf in close proximity to other companies’ marketing to the same crowd is a bonus. It lets customers see why your product is better. Customers get a real-life, 4D version of what they’re buying and they love it! And it gives retailers a preview of what’s new and interesting in the marketplace, and just maybe sparks some new ideas for you as well.
  5. People want to be back to normal. Even if a global pandemic hadn’t slowed everyone’s motivation and drive to a grinding halt, a boost in energy and adrenaline is always welcome. The excitement and anticipation of a new product or a sale is a natural boost. It’s an incidental benefit of retailing.

People want to go, go, go. Your retail space offers them something that online can’t – the sights, smells, sounds, and experiences that only happen in the real world. A flat screen cannot give them that. Perhaps the most compelling reason to exhibit is this: in an age of personality like 2020, your retail space is still the very best way to showcase your company’s personality in many faceted ways.