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WEBINAR 04/08/2021-Design Solutions for Difficult to Display Products

Join us on Thursday, April 8th at 10:30am Central Time (US and Canada) to explore “Retail Solutions for Difficult to Display Products.” Whether you are doing a 500 store openings, 5000 fixtures, or a one of a kind fixture. One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to displaying bulky, oversized items, but using design-thinking strategies can make almost any product display into a well-organized and visually inviting presentation. Learn about fixture and retail fabrication ideas that have proven successful in bringing large and unique products to market. Although tailoring store fixtures for difficult-to-display items can be challenging, implementing creative fabrication and design ideas makes it not only possible, but can even propel your company to experience greater success in sales and return on investments you are making.

Register for this informative webinar where we will discuss:

Register for this informative webinar where we will discuss:

• Problem Solving Using Design & Fabrication – From 1 to 1000
• Successful Case Studies
• Fixtures That Lift Sales Performance
• How We Sold More Toilets
• Using Process to Spur Creativity
• The Benefits of Prototyping

We will have approximately 50 minutes of content and 5 minutes of question and answer. If you register in advance, we will send the recording as an added free bonus after the live webinar.