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YouTube Excellence

6 Tips to YouTubing Excellence Retail is largely a visual industry, so it’s interesting that the most visual of all social media outlets, YouTube, is

Millennials: 8 Tips to Engage

There are approximately 73 million millennials in the US, and like any generation, they have observable tendencies that when acknowledged can help you positively connect

Delighting Your Customer

Go Beyond Customer Satisfaction If you’re with a long-standing company, you probably have base of repeat customers or customers who’ve been with you through thick

Retailing is a turbulent place to live and work these days. As you learn to know your customers more, you want to be able to tailor make your outlet to match their wants.  Here is a compilation of ten basic starting points you can work with to get the creative juices flowing for a fresh look and launch some new possibilities.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • What is it that projects the right image for your brand, but also entices people?
  • What’s the Decompression Zone?
  • Why leave the house?