Our Game Plan for Retail Spaces

Our family of craftsmen, fabricators, engineers, creative designers, strategists, and marketers are obsessed with delivering results for you. Facility Source is a creative fabricator specializing in awakening your brand through environments such as store fixtures, KD fixture design, corporate environments, or showrooms. We have award-winning designers who use remarkable design, materials, and cutting-edge technology to influence customers and make your employees proud.

  • Clever Design
  • Strategy
  • Prototypes for Fixtures
  • Interactive Media
  • Construct

Bringing a design to life that communicates your message hinges on our design team understanding your goals and message. That is why we conduct discovery and brain-storming with our clients that will bring together your knowledge and our creativity to develop an amazing impression together. There is an art to influencing an audience. We know how to influence and do it better than anybody else. Influence begins when your target audience enters your environment or similar space, and we seek to create an impactful experience that is difficult to forget and gives you an edge over all other competitors. Likewise, you want a highly motivating environment for your team, while evoking the spirit of your brand message. Our group of designers specializes in design for environments, all with the goal of taking your vision and creating a distinctive look that elevates your brand in the ultra-competitive arena of retail space and product marketing.


Gaining a competitive advantage is difficult and begins long before your target audience ever visits your environment. Our on-site visits are usually brief, but incredibly important – we provide ideas and plans that set you completely apart and open the door for that all-important conversation and sale. We normally will move from strategy to concept and then to producing a prototype where needed.


Prototypes are a critical step in our process for you to take advantage of when producing multiple display fixtures. Our design process allows you to review the concept of your retail display from sketch work and ideation through refined design renderings. There is no substitute for a full scale, functioning prototype that brings your project to life. In the development of your retail fixture, we will provide printed graphics, full color renderings, complete structure assembly, construct with the intended materials, placement of your products and confirm functional technology.


Our technology group is your one source for immersive and interactive experiences for your participants. Facility Source will help you engage with your audience and transform the way they experience your product. We bring the latest technology to life and help create a seamless experience for all you set foot in your facility. Potential media solutions could include interactive video walls, social media integration, multi-touch software development, content creation, multimedia trivia, and digital signage – all to make you stand out.


Everything is done, and it is now time to launch what we have worked so hard together to complete. This can take many forms and one aspect is essential for success. We need a group of knowledgeable, creative-thinking, dedicated, and resourceful A-team install technicians to bring the dreams to life. Our team is determined to eliminate any obstacles to accomplishing a successful launch.


Our logistics, kitting and fulfillment teams work day and night to deliver on time and on budget. Custom kitting materials, warehousing and shipping logistics make delivery easier. We are centrally located in the United States allowing us to cut shipping costs.